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Print Is Not Dead !

The list goes on and on: brochures, flyers, mailers, annual reports, publications, books, catalogs, branded systems & brands. As a designer, I work across multiple disciplines. With extensive experience in delineation, print production, managing relationships with vendors, and printers, overseeing production, proofing print runs, and coordinating timely delivery, I have a strong background in delineation, print production and management.


Yearbook of the American Society of Landscape Architects of Illinois. I was part of the Design Delineation Team for Design 360, which was charged with designing a Landscape Architects Yearbook for Illinois

Coca-Cola/FEMSA - Financial Reports. As a member of the Design and Delineation team at Paragraphs, Inc. in Chicago, I worked closely with the Client on the award-winning annual reports. 

Office systems from TURNSTONE. Designed by VSA Partners, Inc. in Chicago. A member of the Design & Delineation team responsible for creating new product catalogs and brochures.

SOFA | Rebranding

SOFA is the largest manufacturer of sculptural objects and functional art in North America. While working at a Chicago startup firm, I acquired SOFA as our first big client. SOFA desired to rebrand their company, updating their logo, catalogs, books, way-finding systems, street signage, and banners. I project managed the printing of all print materials with vendors in North America and Asia. 



JUNO - A complete redesign of Juno's product catalog. Member of the design and delineation team focused on executing clean and clear product catalog allowing Users to easily gather product information.

Capability Brochures 

VIATICUS - a branch within CNA, Inc. in Chicago, Viaticus wished to rebrand viatical settlements messaging. As part of the design & implementation team, we created a marketing campaign expressing warmth, safety & reassurance. We conveyed a trusting environment where terminally or chronically ill people can sell their life insurance policy at a discount from its face value.

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